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You Were Meant to Soar

by Bob and Rose Weiner

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You Were Meant to Soar

Become a Person of Vision!

7 Simple Spiritual Solutions You Can Practice Everyday that Will Change Your Life!

7 Days to a New Way of Thinking and Living!


  • • Day 1 How to Give up Your Small Ambitions
  • Change Your Thoughts /Change Your World
  • • Day 2 How to Become a Great Christian
  • Become a Person of Great Expectations
  • You are God’s New Temple
  • • Day 3 How to Live in the Attitude and Act of Faith
  • Understanding the Act of Faith
  • What is God- Centered Prayer?
  • • Day 4 How to Become a Person of Vision
  • Understanding the Prophet’s Secret
  • Make God’s Kingdom the Treasure of Your Heart
  • • Day 5 How to Overcome Obstacles
  • Power to do the Impossible
  • Understanding the Overcoming Attitude
  • • Day 6 How to Become a Good Stewart of your Gifts and Talents
  • Understanding The Protestant Work Ethic
  • How to Steward Your Time
  • • Day 7 How to Live in God’s Power and
  • Experience the Joy of Living
  • Practicing the Art of Self-government


  • Author: by Bob and Rose Weiner
  • Format: Paperback

Discover the Amazing Story... The Christian History of American They Don't Want You to Know