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-Henry David Thoreau

Winter – Grace Lines

by Grace Russell

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January - February
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Winter – Grace Lines

Winter by Grace Russell:

“Grace Writes: “What a joyful and invigorating time to be alive! It is altogether fitting that with one voice the world’s people shout, “Happy New Year,” when January rolls around. We need a new, fresh start. A new year gives us a chance to start our song over again and try to sing it right this time. Open the door to this year with enthusiasm.

“Don’t try to live this year out limited by your own energies. Plug into the power of God and let Him take you where you want to go. God is there to take you through your new year, not pushing a wheelbarrow of last years defeats, but flying you into the city of promise. Trust Him to know the way and to get you there. Then, relaxed in body and mind, you can think clearly as you plan for the future and become a co-creator with Him.

“The winter months are brisk, inviting us to enjoy both the cold and warmth of the season. Our automatic response to stepping outside into the frigid atmosphere is a quickened step, an invigorating lift, and perhaps a childlike response to those snowballs we remember from years gone by.

“Winter also draws us inside to the warmth of the fire and the fellowship of family and friends. On days when freshly, fallen snow blankets the earth with a sea of silence, its stillness prompts us to be quiet and take time to listen.

“In the silence, if we listen closely, we have the opportunity of hearing God speak to us. Let your thoughts rove a bit and see where they take you. It takes time to discover what God has in mind for us to do to fulfill our life’s mission. Snowy silence reminds us to take time to listen.”

About Grace Russell:

Grace Russell was the Tennessee State President of the National League of American Pen Women for many years. As a minister’s wife, Grace served with her husband, Dr. Henry Russell, in churches of all sizes. Grace was an author, artist, teacher, and a popular columnist for newspapers in the South for over 25 years. Her column “Grace Lines” offered meditations and practical ideas on how to make spiritual living a reality in everyday life. By popular request from her readers, Grace gathered her columns into a more lasting format so that coming generations can enjoy her spiritual insights.

Grace was one of the members of America’s “Greatest Generation” – the generation who saw our nation and the world through the Great Depression and the horrors of World War II. They were a generation who held to strong Christian ideals and help build American leadership in the 20th century. Practically all that generation has now passed on to heaven. However, through Grace’s devotionals, you can dip into a great treasure chest of these Christian ideals and spiritual wisdom and insights that we need to restore to everyday living. Grace Russell is the mother of Rose Weiner. Grace has 5 children, 17 grandchildren, and 24 great-grandchildren – with in-laws the family total is 63 and counting.


Catherine Weiner -TV Producer – Los Angeles, CA.

Cozy up by the fire with Grace Lines’ Winter Devotional. It’s sure to bring lots of wisdom and joy for those cold, cozy, holiday months. I love the way Grace weaves in life experience, marriage, raising children, and enjoying and being present for life’s most precious moments.


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  • Author: by Grace Russell
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