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Noah Webster, Founding Father

What Happened to the Christian History of America?

by Rose Weiner

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What Happened to the Christian History of America?

What Happened to the Christian History of America by Rose Weiner:

Western Civilization is the result of the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was Protestant Christians, seeking Liberty in Christ and the Freedom to Worship God, who left the religious persecution of Europe and the control of the church and state to start the world over again in the wilderness of North America. These men and women of faith, seeking to establish a government according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, gave us our Constitutional Republic and the free form of self-government and the civil liberties we have enjoyed as a nation.

But something sinister happened in the early 20th century. Progressive American Educators enamored with the teachings of Karl Marx, wanted to erase the influence of Christianity from our nation, our public schools, and set people free to live as they wished without any concern for God or His Moral Laws.(What a nightmare this has led to!) They began to rewrite our history with the intent to remove prayer and the Bible from our schools and erase the influence of Christianity on our nation.

Our Founders view of history was the viewpoint of the historic Christian faith as presented in the Bible – views totally opposite from the views held by Marx. They believed that the Bible presents history as the struggle not between classes, but between good and evil, between sin and rebellion against God and surrender to God’s will and the blessings of right living. It presents man and woman, not as evolutionary beings who are the descendant of a monkey, but as made in the image of God, who offers people redemption from sin and its power. It tells people that they are free and that each person is responsible for his own life. It teaches that a person reaps what he sows, and must one day answer to God for his deeds.

This book takes you through the steps of just how our Christian history was erased, just what that history was, and how to restore it. A must read!



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Discover the Amazing Story... The Christian History of American They Don't Want You to Know