mark11 The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters. mark21

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Romans 8:19

The Calling of a Generation

by Evangeline Weiner Hooie

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The Calling of a Generation

This book is a real faith builder!

Heaven is waiting to burst forth into the world through you!

Without God, we can do nothing, and without people, God will do nothing. The future will be what we make it, and what we make it will depend on our response to His call.This book will inspire you to make a full surrender of your life to God’s call. It will build your faith with biblical teaching along with stories of young people who said “yes” to what the Lord was calling them to do.

At last, a page-turner that not only inspires with thrilling stories of the miraculous things God is doing right now, but also gives practical “how to” teaching that will have you itching to get out immediately and see the new things God will release through you.

You will be inspired by these stories to step out in faith and the power of God’s Spirit, as you learn about those who have already begun to change their nation and the world at a young age.

Think about the breakthroughs you could have with a new impartation of faith and a revelation on a way of taking action that just may have your friends calling you up on the phone and asking what happened.

Think about your best day, how it feels to be in the groove, in your sweet spot, doing what it is you do best . . . This is how it is when you are walking with God, doing that specific thing that God has called you to do.

How do the most successful people stay on top of their game? They are avid consumers of anything that gets their juices flowing. Evangeline writes, “ Personally, any time I have the opportunity to get something that will motivate me, inspire me, and contribute to my spiritual life, I grab hold of it, make notes, and keep it handy so it will be there any time I am in need of a pick-me-up.

A Note from Evangeline:

Dearest Friends

Did you know that the number of babies aborted since 1973 is over 63 billion – equivalent to almost the entire population of France? There were two key times in the Bible when infants were mass-murdered . . . when the Egyptian ruler was trying to kill Moses, and when Herod was trying kill Jesus. Both of these tragic periods marked the birth of a Deliverer, and heralded the arrival of a new age of deliverance. If you are alive today, I believe it is proof that you were born at this time in history because God has something mind-blowing for you to do . . . get ready for greater things than you ever thought possible to start happening in your life!

Evangeline Weiner Hooie


– Jane Hansen, President/CEO Aglow International

“The first time I met Evangeline I knew she was a unique young woman. Not only is she mature beyond her years, there is a passion that burns in her heart to see her generation ignited, empowered, and completely sold out for God. As you read this book of her vision, your heart too will be stirred to see the next generation impacted by God so they Impact His kingdom.”

– Ron Luce, President& Founder of Teen Mania Ministries

“ So often our childhood dreams and aspirations are refuted by doubts and fears that are a direct attack from our enemy . . .As you read this book, may you be inspired to not only dream God’s dreams for your own life, but also help guide younger generation that desperately needs to do the same.”

– Peter Wagner – Global Harvest Ministries, Chancell of Wagner Leadership Institute

“I refuse to be swayed by the gloom and doom ministries who try to tell us that Christianity is going down the tubes. Why? Because my grandchildren’s generation has birthed a radical passionate, history making army of God’s people. Evangeline Weiner is one of those thoroughly on fire for God and her book will light that fire in you heart! Read it and joint the world changers!”

-Judah Smith, Pastor of Generation Church/Kirkland WA

“Evangeline is a catalyst to all those around her. I strongly urge you to consider this material no matter your stage of life.”

Increases Faith of Whole Family –
– Kim Baldwin, East Longmeadow, MA

My son and I have been reading The Calling of a Generation together, and it is truly a book for all ages. It has increased the faith of our whole family to step out and be radical lovers of Jesus. The book gives practical steps of in growing in your walk with Christ plus great testimonies of young people “stepping up to the plate” and believing Jesus for the impossible. The book still resonates in our home. We hope Evangeline writes more books!

This book really quickened my faith!
– Pastor Brian Lahoue, Boston Mass.

This book vividly shows how life is radical when you are fully surrendered to Christ . . . Recently, I was able to believe God for a miracle gift of $100,000 that was given by one person.

“I’m rereading the book now!”
– Martha Lawrence

“I learned a lot from that twenty-something-year-old that I hadn’t learned in my last 52 years. I’m rereading the book now and am enjoying it just as much the second time around.”

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  • Banner text: The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters.
  • Author: by Evangeline Weiner Hooie
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