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by Charles C. Coffin

The BOYS of ’76 [Illustrated Edition]

by Charles Coffin

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from the Original Edition, 1876
Format:Paperback - 453 pages, 240 illustrations
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The BOYS of ’76 [Illustrated Edition]

The BOYS of ’76

WHEN THE WORLD WAS READY FOR IT, THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION burst on the scene with the declaration that all men were created by God free and equal and endowed with inalienable rights.

With their trust in God and the righteousness of their cause, our Founding Fathers challenged the greatest military power on earth and won, overturned the doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings to rule, and changed the trajectory of world history and civilization from the tyrannical experience of Ruler’s Law to individual rights and the concept of “self-government” under God.

Coffin faithfully traces the Providential Hand of God at work during the Revolutionary War in a conflict that was important not only for America but for the world because it marked a turning point in the progress of civilization.

Since the time that the young nation of Israel demanded the rule of a king so they could be like other nations, men and women have had to exist in a world full of empires, kingdoms, lords, and hierarchies of rulers of all kinds. Until the founding of America, 99% of the human race has had to live under the tyranny of Ruler’s Law. The American Revolutionary War marked the overthrow of The Tyranny of Ruler’s Law and the Divine Right of Kings.

Here is the story of the War that established our nation so that freedom and liberty would one day become the heritage of all.Here is a record of the bravery of those who laid their all on the altar of sacrifice so you will know what our liberty has cost, and what it will take to keep it!

Beautifully illustrated with ninety-three antique engravings,The Boys of 76′ is a masterfully written and historically accurate account of the sacrifice, faith, and courage it took to make America a free and independent nation. Coffin’s Christian perspective and moral observations are what most notably set this history apart from the contemporary version.

Coffin’s retelling of the American Revolution is unique. It is not reported as a dry historical account or composed of happenings he researched and found in books. Coffin’s accounts of the war were told to him by eyewitnesses, of those who actually were there. All the stories Coffin retells in this book he heard first hand from Revolutionary War heroes who visited his home when he was a boy and gave a faithful account of the battles in which they participated.

It is specifically because of these eyewitness accounts that this book deserves to be studied. Coffin weaves the story together by retelling it through two fictional young men who participate in the battles.

Author Charles Coffin centers this book on the philosophy of history. Coffin explains:

“The tracing of the relationship of one event upon another and showing their effect on the human race is the philosophy of history. We have spoken of the meaning of history. Surely history has a meaning, else what are we living for? You will notice that the one great question greater than all others has been in regard of the right of men to think for themselves especially in the matters of religion.

“You will notice that while the oppressors have had their way, there were other forces at work, which in time undermined their plans, as if a Divine Hand were directing the counter plan. Whoever fails to recognize this will fail to fully comprehend the meaning of history. Men act freely in laying and executing their plans; but behind the turmoil and conflict of human wills there is an unseen power that shapes destiny – nations rise and fall, generations come and go, yet through the ages there has been an advancement of Justice, Truth, Right, and Liberty. Men may die, but ideas founded in Truth are eternal – they live on..”


Gregg Harris, author of The Christian Home School and director of Noble Institute

In this modern era of historical dishonesty, the work of Charles Coffin stands strong. His fear of God, his love for his country, and his respect for historical truth combine to give us a faithful, passionate, and accurate story of our nation’s fight for liberty. I pray that everyone, young and old alike, will read and remember The Boys of 76’

from Conservative Book Club

Coffin sticks to the facts on each page, so kids get a good dose of history while learning about the true cost of our hard-won freedoms. But what really sets this book apart is Mr. Coffin’s genuine Christian worldview.

Nancy Drazga, Great Christian Books Editor:

Coffin’s histories are no ‘textbook’ history book, written by a committee of people committed to cramming the most number of facts possible into the least amount of space. There are a great many facts told, but they are woven into a compelling narrative by the author so that the student gets them intermingled with a story he will find hard to put down.


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  • Banner text: So you will Know What Liberty has Cost . . . and What it is Worth.
  • Author: by Charles Coffin
  • Format: Paperback - 453 pages, 240 illustrations

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