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Noel The Noisy Nightingale

A Lesson in Kindness and Not Giving Up
Written by Rose Weiner
Illustrated by Joel Arraba and Rose Weiner

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Noel The Noisy Nightingale

Noel, The Noisy Nightingale is a story about a Nightingale who is trying to decorate his nest to get ready for a visit from his niece and nephew and for a musical concert he is putting on for neighboring birds. Realizing that he does not have what he needs to make his nest shine, he flies to his neighbor Nose Worthy to ask for gold nuggets to put in his nest.

Needless to say, Nose Worthy is already asleep and is not happy at being waked up to fulfill such a request, but the persistence of Noel makes him get up and show kindness by putting aside his own selfinterest to help his neighbor.

At first glance Noel might seem like an inconsiderate neighbor. This story might remind us of Jesus’ parable of the man who went to his neighbor for bread in the middle of the night and would not take no for an answer. Jesus gave this parable as an example after his disciples asked him to teach them to pray saying that we should be persistent in prayer and never give up and our prayer will be answered.

This story is full of suspense as Nose Worthy searches everywhere to find the gold nuggets the Nightingale needs.

No matter how unreal the story may be, as we appeal to the imagination of the child, rules for living can be imparted through imaginary characters in literature — often in a more impactful way than only giving instructions in morals. Here are three character qualities you can draw from this story:

1. When you believe a goal is worth achieving, you should never quit and give up in the face of difficulty and problems.

2. Compassion and giving when someone needs help, and showing kindness even when it means setting aside what you what to help others.

3. Wanting to make your “nest”— your home, your room— a thing of beauty for yourself and the joy of others.

Following the Teaching Method of Charlotte Mason

This book is one of our phonics alphabet books from our series, The Imaginative Child – For the Joy of Learning. Noel, the Noisy Nightingale celebrates the phonetic sound of the letter “N, n” and “kn” Our story is filled with many words that begin with the letter “N or kn” – but this is no boring alphabet book.

The story of Noel is based on the Classical Teaching Method of Charlotte Mason, 19th century British educator and a favorite among homeschooling parents.

Charlotte Mason believed in immersing children in living books, which say something and impart ideas and real knowledge through story, rather than present a dull recitation of facts or communicate worthless twaddle.

The story of Noel is followed by notes for parents and teachers. You can feel free to use some or all of the learning activities as it suits you and the age of your child. However, before you share the story with your child, read the story for yourself and look over the learning activities to decide how you would like to use this book.

Helping your Child Develop Creative Learning Skills

Besides learning phonics, enjoy a unique way of reading comprehension. Immerse your child in the drawing and creative writing exercises inspired by the story. Children who can read well can practice dramatic reading skills as younger children act out the story. Parables from the Bible are also referenced to make this story a spiritual treat.

Learning exercises can be adapted for ages 3-8 as well as for an audience of one or a group of students.


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  • Author: Illustrated by Joel Arraba and Rose Weiner
  • Format: Hardback

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