mark11 To the Son, God said, ‘You love justice and hate evil. Therefore, O God, your God has anointed you, pouring out the oil of joy on you more than on anyone else. mark21

mark11 mark21

Hebrews 1:9

How to Live Life Laughing

by Hank Russell

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How to Live Life Laughing

This book is an invaluable treat for the entire family.

Dr. Hank Russell has been a Methodist minister after the Wesleyan and Asbury Tradition for over 60 years. He is the father of Rose Weiner.

Laughter is “good medicine.” Learn how to live a life full of joy through learning how to apply God’s word of blessing for your life. 250 Daily Devotionals.

A light hearted but very deep book of meditations. Simple, but profound life changing truths from the teachings of Jesus.

Read one to your family every morning at breakfast.

Dr. Russell writes: “The funny stories in this devotional are very old. Some are true and some fiction. The purpose is twofold. One is to make you laugh, the other is to make you think.”

This book is full of joy and taken from the author’s 89 years of personal experience. Raised on a dairy farm in rural West Kentucky, called into the ministry when he was 15 at a country church, Dr. Russell’s stories will catch the attention of members of the family of all ages.

These devotionals are Dr. Russell’s parables for living based on the Word of God with an emphasis on Jesus’ direction for living from the Sermon on the Mount. This book gives the reader a rare glimpse of America from a member of what has come to be called, “The Greatest Generation.”


– Judge Christopher Shea Nickell
Kentucky Court of Appeals

“For many years I served as Hank’s song leader and soloist. Just as Jesus used parables to teach eternal truths, Hank communicated the Gospel of Christ by blending scripture and spiritual insight with a life-long collection of homespun, down-to-earth, illustrative anecdotes and observations. I often encouraged Hank to write down these entertaining, educational and challenging stories for the benefit of future generations and I am delighted that he has done so in his new book, How to Live Life Laughing. Just as good songs deserve to be re-sung good stories merit being retold . . . and my friend and mentor, Dr. Hank Russell, is a great storyteller!”

– Julian M. Carroll,
Governor of Kentucky 1975-1980, State Senator 2004-2021

“It has been a Godly blessing to have known Hank for longer than I can count. Coming from the same community where our families were well acquainted, and having personally visited him often during the numerous years of his ministry, we have enjoyed a blessed friendship for all the now some fifty years of my public service. I know the journal of his tremendous life of service will be nearly as rewarding to the reader as is the Holy Bible is reading of the ministry of Apostle Paul.”

– Rev. Joe W. Beal, Senior Minister
Broadway United Methodist Church,
Paducah, Kentucky

“Dr. Russell Has always had the ability to inspire us through humor and intellect. Here he has combined in a though provoking way humor, wit, and wisdom, and teaches us a profound Christian truth. He makes us laugh, think, and give thanks.”

– Dr. George Mathison, Senior Minister
Auburn Methodist Church, Auburn, Alabama

“Hank is one of my dearest friends. He is a minister with many years of experience, and in those years he has accumulated many positive, wonderful, and happy experiences. I am so thankful that he has decided to put them into print and share them with many people. I know we all look forward to the blessing God has in store for us when we read this book. God Bless.”

– Polly LeBuhn, MD

“Hank could tell us more than a thing or two about how to live life. As his physician I have seen him go though three cancer diagnosis with grace and laughter and recover. As his neighbor and friend and as someone who has watched his wonderful daily ministry to all those around him, I know what an inspiring and wonderful person he is.”

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  • Banner text: To the Son, God said, ‘You love justice and hate evil. Therefore, O God, your God has anointed you, pouring out the oil of joy on you more than on anyone else.
  • Author: by Hank Russell
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