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by Rose Weiner

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Ages:3 - 8
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Bubbles is a story about a bear who is cheerful and always happy, and kind to others. Bubbles spends her days helping her family and her neighbors. She never complains, but loves to serve and help

Bubbles’ mother throws a big surprise birthday party for her. She is very excited. All her friends and neighbors who she has been helping came, and brought her beautiful gifts. She had cake, ice cream, bobbed for apples, and had a hayride for her birthday party.

However, after all her friends had gone home, Bubbles realizes her greatest joy was not in the presents she received, but in the joy of giving and helping others and seeing the smiles of joy on their faces.

No matter how unreal the story may be, as we appeal to the imagination of the child, rules for living can be imparted through imaginary characters in literature — often in a more impactful way than only giving instructions in morals. From the character of Bubbles you can teach your children the joy and blessing of serving and giving to others and that as Jesus taught us, it is “more blessed to give than to receive.

Following the Teaching Method of Charlotte Mason

This book is one of our phonics alphabet books from our series, The Imaginative Child – For the Joy of Learning. Bubbles celebrates the phonetic sound of the letter “ B, b.” Our story is filled with many words that begin with the letter “B” – but this is no boring alphabet book.

The story of Bubbles is based on the Classical Teaching Method of Charlotte Mason, 19th century British educator and a favorite among Home Schooling parents.

Charlotte Mason believed in immersing children in living books, which say something and impart ideas and real knowledge through story, rather than present a dull recitation of facts or communicate worthless twaddle.

The story is followed by notes for parents and teachers. You can feel free to use some or all of the learning activities as it suits you and the age of your child. However, before you share the story with your child, read the story for yourself and look over the learning activities to decide how you would like to use this book.

Helping your Child Develop Creative Learning Skills

Besides learning phonics, enjoy a unique way of reading comprehension, immerse your child in the drawing and creative writing exercises inspired by the story. Children who can read well can practice dramatic reading skills as younger children act out the story. Parables from the Bible are also referenced to make this story a spiritual treat.

Learning exercises can be adapted for ages 3-8 as well as for an audience of one or a group of students.


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  • Author: by Rose Weiner
  • Ages: 3 - 8
  • Format: Hardback

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