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~ Jesus, Revelation 22:17

Bible Studies for the Preparation of the Bride

Allegory of the Song of Solomon
by Bob and Rose Weiner

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Bible Studies for the Preparation of the Bride

Delve into this study on the symbolism and imagery of the Song of Solomon, reflecting the historic position of the church fathers – Christ and His love for His bride, the Church.

This Study is a Feast for the heart!According to Jewish rabbinical tradition and the teaching of the Church Fathers, Song of Solomon is an allegory revealing at its deepest level the love that God has for His redeemed people. The Ancients held that this book is the “Song of Songs” in the same way that the holiest place in the tabernacle was the “Holy of Holies.” This Song of all songs holds “God’s wisdom hidden in a mystery.”Its imagery is meant to teach and help us understand the deep union to which Christ is calling us.

It is important to realize that Jesus used imagery when He taught and often spoke to the multitudes in parables.At first glance, we might think that Jesus was using parables as a way to illustrate truth. However, when the disciples questioned Jesus about this, Jesus said, “To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been granted.”

Jesus used parables and imagery to hide truth from the uninitiated.As He told his disciples, “Do not cast your pearls before swine or give what is holy to the dogs.” ( Matt.7:6)

Matthew tells us that “in parables are things hidden from the foundation of the world.” (Matt.13) Paul tells us that God’s wisdom is “hidden in a mystery.”Does God want His wisdom to remain hidden? No, He wants us to search out the Bible’s symbolic language and inquire about its meaning. He wants us to search for His wisdom as for silver and gold. If we will do that, His word promises us that we will find it.

Understand Some of the Bible’s Deepest Truths

The Song of Solomon is a book wholly given to imagery. Hidden in this book are some of the Bible’s deepest and most beautiful truths.

To understand the images in this Song, it is important to understand how to interpret the Bible’s symbolic language.

You will learn from this study that the Bible is not silent about the meaning of its symbols – in fact, the Bible is like a dictionary defining and interpreting itself. In this study, you will have the opportunity of digging deep into some of the Bible’s most unusual symbols to contemplate their meaning.

You can’t get too far into reading the Song of Solomon before you realize that the images used to describe the bride are very, very strange.For example, one beautiful aspect of the bride in this book is that her neck was “like the tower of David built with rows of stones on which are hung a thousand shields of the mighty men.”

You might be thinking, Who in the world talks like this? Who would think that a woman who has a neck like this is beautiful? Yet, it is just this strangeness that is a “tip off” that something is hidden there – it is a clue that marks out a special hidden treasure. It is not meant to be glossed over. However, only the truly hungry will take time to seek it out.

Learn How to Decipher the Bible’s Symbols

If we ponder this passage for a while, we will begin to realize that it is rich in biblical imagery. In fact, it should evoke a whole series of biblical images. For example – let’s consider what “neck” means in the Bible. Those who resist God in both Testaments are called “stiff-necked.” Who resist God’s will. Proverbs says, “If we hear our father’s and mother’s teaching and do it, it will become “an ornament to our neck.” So the bride represents a person who is submissive to the will of God and a “doer” of the word.

The neck of the bride is said to be like a tower. The first tower we see in Scripture is the tower of Babel – built out of man’s disobedience to God. Other passages refer to the Lord as “a tower of strength.” Also “the name of the Lord is like a strong tower.” From this we see that the Bride is a person who carries God’s name (Jesus) and knows its power. The Bible says all power in heaven and earth is in the name of Jesus. God is her refuge and strength against the enemy. The bride’s neck is adorned with strange ornaments. We will not go further, but time should be taken to consider the rows of stones and the meaning of the shields and of David’s mighty men.

This and a multitude of other images are analyzed in Bible Studies for the Bride to make this study a treasure trove of spiritual riches. When you have completed this study, you will never be able to read the Bible in a flat way again.

As you learn how to interpret biblical symbols and tune in to the Spirit’s revelation, you will be treated to a spiritual feast.You will learn that Jesus is seeking for those He can call His friends, those with whom He can share His life, His thoughts, His plans, His power, and His throne. He is seeking for those who will be one spirit with Him. In short, He is seeking a Bride. Learn how to experience the living Presence of Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit that Jesus has poured out for us to enjoy.


Sarah Beth Jhan

“I must tell you that I am so thrilled right now! Your study, Bible Studies for the Preparation of the Bride, transformed my relationship with God. It was at the perfect time in my life. It was right during Jr High when the pressure to conform was so great. My Mom gave this study to me and we went through the study together as part of my schooling…I was home schooled. I can’t begin to tell you how precious it was to me. I am 26 and I am still loving and serving God and I am going through this book again! I work now in the full-time ministry and have a heart for the youth. I just could not pass up the opportunity to thank you. My life and relationship with God has been so enriched.

Deborah Deonig

“I’ve been doing this Bible study every year, since 1990, and I don’t know of a more powerful, supernatural, anointed Bible Study. Every time I get into it, I encounter the Lord in most unique ways.”

Lisa Mausman

“Words cannot describe how Blessed I have been by this bible study! I compare it to an archeological dig where you find God’s hidden treasures in his word. Every intricate detail of God’s Word has a meaning and every detail fits together like a puzzle. Bob & Rose Weiner have done an excellent job of showing us in God’s Word, what God says and not a man’s translation of the Word. The Word comes alive before your eyes! Ephesians 1:17-19 becomes reality through doing this study! I am leading a group of 9 women in this study and every one of us has expressed how much we absolutely LOVE it! From the youngest to the oldest, we have all been brought to a deeper understanding through this study.


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  • Author: by Bob and Rose Weiner
  • Format: Paperback, Workbook

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